Once upon a time...


... there was a woman who lived happily ever after.

That’s my fairy tale. Well the short version anyway.

But believe me, the middle part had its share of demons and dragons.

I followed the traditional path of study hard, get good grades, go to college, get a good job, work hard and be rewarded with a secure, happy, financial future.

And I was…for a while (up to the secure part.)

I had a successful career in marketing. I climbed the corporate ladder only to find my ladder was against the wrong wall. After all those years of “chasing the American dream” I was a workaholic, in declining health, had no time to enjoy myself and was extremely unhappy. And, security was an illusion as I had been laid off 5 times in 10 years.

I’m grateful for my experiences and appreciated all of them (well almost all of them) but I knew in my heart traditional corporate America wasn’t for me anymore. I had nothing left to give.

But, what to do? This wasn’t the fairy tale ending I was promised. I realized it was time to rewrite the ending. And the only person who could do it was me.

Life after Layoff

Many of my family and friends thought I was crazy but I left the craziness of the rat race with a faith I had a different purpose. I had entrepreneur in my blood. After all, my father quit his job at 28 to start his own successful business. I knew I could follow in his footsteps.

You know that voice inside of you that’s calling for something else? Maybe it’s a gut feeling you have? A burning desire? I trusted mine – and you know what – it was right.

I tapped into my passion of health and wellness, my purpose of making a difference in the lives of others and leveraged the experiences and knowledge I gained on my own personal journey. I learned how to create true health through healthy living, healthy eating and natural solutions. I regained my health and now live a fulfilling life.

And, I’m here to teach you how to do the same!

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